The Krontek GPS Timeserver is the ultimate precision time product which gives you the ability to access the most accurate time in almost any location in the world. Using the GPS satellite system to derive its time it can be found in unique locations including tower clocks, isolated buildings or high security facilities that have a closed network.

Krontek KT2000 GPS SNTP Timeserver

The Krontek GPS SNTP Timeserver conforms to RFC2030 and provides an autosensing 10/100 BaseT network interface. The time server derives its time from the GPS satellite network which is referenced to the Atomic Clocks maintained by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The time server is provided with an antenna and mounting bracket that adheres to the inside of a window for a simple do it yourself installation.

The KT2000 Time Server is the perfect partner to synchronise your network with other members of the Krontek Network Time Product range