Want to see how the smartest ethernet clock system on the market works?

Call us today to find our how our ethernet based clock solution can give you the most accurate time with the lowest installation cost.

Clock Systems

Our Krontek Syncroline Clock System provides a low cost solution for the operation of both digital and analogue clocks over a low voltage two wire cable.

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The Krontek GPS Timeserver is the ultimate precision time product which gives you the ability to access the most accurate time in almost any location in the world.

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Our market leading digital clock range offers both stand-alone and slave options as a standard or calender model clock.

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Want to automate your Bells?

The KT2010 is a popular option for schools and factories by creating a simple cost effective solution to automate bells/sirens. You'll have piece of mind knowing that the school or factory bell will run exactly on time daily and at the times that you choose. Programming can even allow for weekends and public holidays. Simply connect our low cost KT2010 signal controller to your network and bell, and you'll never have to worry about being on time again. Call now for a quote.

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