Digital Clocks

Standard Clock and Calendar Clock

The Krontek Standard and Calendar Clock provide an accurate and clearly readable time/date display. With the optional network interface they can synchronise to an SNTP timeserver on your network. They can operate as a slave clock on a Master Clock System (SL Models) or operate independently (KT Models).

A single KT160 can be configured as a master allowing up to 32 KT160’s to synchronise themselves via the inbuilt communications line.

The KT160 and SL160 can also function as an up/down timer with the addition of the KT120 Timer Controller.

As an ancillary warning device they can interface with an alarm system and flash "Alert" (Standard Clock) or "Alert" or "Evacuate" (Calendar Model) or alternatively begin counting up or down to a preset evacuation time.

Hospital Theatre Timer

The Krontek theatre timer comes in a range of variations, including a single and a double stainless steel facia, with the combination of a SL160 standard or timer display. The stainless steel finish was designed specifically for hospital operating theatres and commercial kitchens where hygiene is paramount. The facia sits flush on the wall and includes a three setting timer control panel which is wall mounted in close proximity. Hospitals around Australia prefer the Krontek theatre timer due to it's compatiblity with the low cost Syncroline system. Installation is as simple as connecting to the KT2050 clock controller or KT3000GPS master clock via a 24v figure 8 cable. The KT160T is also avaliable as a single facia stand-alone option.

View the hospital theatre timer manual
Krontek World Clock

The Krontek World Clock was originally designed exclusively for the Australian Defence Force and has now become a popular model for many Australian Organisations that have an international presence. The world clock can be programmed to show any major city world wide.