Clock Systems

The Krontek Syncroline Clock System provides a low cost solution for the operation of both digital and analogue clocks over a low voltage two wire cable. Our KT2050 Clock Controller provides both the data and power for the Syncroline clocks. Up to 60 SL300 Analogue Clocks can be powered by the KT2050, and the system can be infinitely expanded with the use of SL410 power/data boosters. And of course, as with all Krontek products, the time displayed is accurate to the second.

Syncroline SL300 Analogue Slave Clock
The SL300 is the perfect low-cost network clock option for any organisation looking to achieve accurate synchronised time. It's twin motor, self correcting movement provides years of reliable service. It connects to our Syncroline two-wire cabling system allowing easy installation and battery free operation. It sports a modern aluminium surround for style and protection. Due to it's acrylic lens it is suitable for use in food preparation areas. The SL300 may also be used to retrofit existing master clock installations.

Digital Clocks

The Krontek Standard and Calendar Clock provide an accurate and clearly readable time/date display. These clocks come in two versions, the KT series which will operate independently or the SL series which interface with our Syncroline master series. With the optional network interface they can synchronise to an SNTP timeserver on your PC Network. They can operate as a slave clock on a Master Clock System or operate independently.

With the addition of the KT2000 GPS timeserver the clocks can source their time directly from the GPS satellite network. A single KT160 can be configured as a master allowing up to 32 KT160’s to synchronise themselves via the inbuilt communications line.

The KT160 and SL160 can also function as an up/down timer with the addition of the KT120 Timer Controller.

As an ancillary warning device they can interface with an alarm system and flash "Alert" (Standard Clock) or "Alert" or "Evacuate" (Calendar Model) or alternatively begin counting up or down to a preset evacuation time.

To see the various Krontek Digital Clock Models available visit the Digital Clocks page.

Krontek KT3000 Master Clock

The KT3000 comes in two models with a GPS version for millisecond accuracy. The KT3000 features a simple to use front panel display. This master clock is non-networked and suitable for small master clock systems and especially suitable for tower clock applications.

Netmaster KT4000

The KT4000 incorporates a range of Krontek technology into one simple product. With its easy to use back light display, you can program directly via the front panel or over a network. It offers four independent control circuits, automatic daylight saving adjustment and is compatible with all popular clock formats. The KT4000 is a suitable replacement for most master clocks and provides clock and relay control in a single package.

KT2050 Network Clock Controller

The Krontek Slave Clock Controller provides a method to interface our Syncroline our your current Analogue Clock System to your network. With it's highly accurate SNTP time client features it can replace central master clocks, utilising network structured cabling. The Controller is designed to provide most standard clock correction formats, and we can add additional formats as requested.

SL410 Signal Booster

Designed to increase the capacity of the Syncroline clock system. the SL410 signal booster increases the power capacity for both analogue and digital clocks. For more than 60 analogue clocks on one network, simply connect a signal booster to enable a further 100 analogue clocks. This process can be repeated infinitely.

KT2010 Signal Controller

The Krontek Signal Controller is a network enabled programmable timer. It has two relay outputs and two configurable switch inputs. An inbuilt calendar schedule allows signals to be enabled or disabled on specific days of the year such as public holidays. This makes the controller especially suitable for school or industrial time signals.